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Loaded with Color

Orange Gerbera DaisiesOur greenhouses are loaded with pots and flats of colorful flowers, as well as hanging baskets, vegetables and herbs. The outdoor lot has blooming trees and shade trees, and flowering shrubs and perennials. Come in now for a treat for your eyes and your soul! May we suggest a colorful pot of gerbera daisies? Lots of color with a small outlay of time and money.

We’re Ready for the Spring Season

We’re ready for the spring season. Are you? Perennials, trees, shrubs, tropical plants and early season vegetables are in stock now, as well as seeds, onion sets and plants, seed potatoes, and all the soils you need to get them all started. Come and see us!


Growing Edibles More Popular than Ever

Based on the results of a survey by the Garden Writers Association Foundation published in its 2013 Winter Gardening Trends Report, 51.9% of all American households that garden anticipate growing edibles this year– an increase of 11.3% over the previous year. This number includes gardeners who grow traditionally in the ground as well as those who grow in pots or containers.Garden Fresh Tomatoes

So, if you are considering growing your own vegetables and fruits this year, you’re in good company.

The reasons for growing your own food are many. Freshness, of course, is number one. You can’t get much fresher than just-picked! I come home from work, pick tender lettuces from my garden, rinse them, put them into my salad spinner and tuck them into the refrigerator to crisp up while I make the rest of the dinner.

And in these days of food recalls, safety is also a big issue.  Whether you choose to grow without pesticides or to use relatively safe organic solutions, you know what is on your food because you are the one who chooses what to put on it.

Flavor is a big factor. Large farms produce varieties of vegetables and fruits because they ship well, not because they taste better. The tastiest varieties are often more fragile, and can only be sourced locally from a farm market or your own garden.

If you have children at home, growing food together can make them more willing to try healthy fruits and vegetables they may have refused in the past. And at the very least, they will learn that vegetables don’t just appear, fully formed, on the shelves of the local grocery store!

And the physical act of gardening is healthy. Fresh air, exercise and contact with the soil are known to be good for you. It’s like therapy to me– plus I get tomatoes…

We’ll Be Open Friday

Eggs-and-Buds-for-coverWe’ll be open for the Spring season beginning Friday, March 22nd. Our early spring hours are Monday through Saturday from 10AM to 4PM. (We’re closed on Sundays until April.) We have the first of our trees and shrubs in stock, as well as packaged garden seeds. Onion sets and seed potatoes are due in by opening day. We hope the weather begins to act like it’s spring soon, too.

Shrubs and trees for Spring

We are excited about the selection of shrubs and trees we have coming this spring. Here is a partishrubs3.jpgal list of those plants for you to see. If there is plant that you would like to have but do not see it here, call Bob (740 310 2065) and he will do his best to get it for you.

You can be confident that the plants you purchase from us are hardy in our zone and have  not been  shipped from the south.  Most of our plant material is grown here in Ohio or in Pennsylvania,  and is used to our unpredictable weather.

To view a list of the trees and shrubs we have coming, click here.  We are still expanding the list, so check back later.

Tour Ferda’s Garden Center Online

Ferda’s Garden Center is for sale. (In the meantime, we’ll be hFothergilla-at-CENTS-2013ere to serve you in the spring with the trees, shrubs, flowers and veggies as you have come to expect.) Click here to take a virtual tour of the garden center.

Butterfly Habitat

What do you want your yard to be? Do you love the green expanse of mowed lawn (mowed weekly) or would you rather provide habitat for butterflies?

If you’re the green-lawn lover, then Home Depot has a program for you, where you can apply weed-and-feed and mow in patterns to make your yard look pristine and manicButterfly-tiger-swallowtailured.

If you prefer the more natural look, with exquisite bits of color moving from plant to plant. we can help you! We’ll be open for the season again in the spring, and we can help you choose plants that are butterfly magnets. Check out this short video for an appetite-whetting glimpse of what your front (or back, your choice) yard could become.

70 Days ‘Til Spring!

We’ve started to freshen up the Gift Shop for Spring. Touches of pink, mint green and a cheerful yellow are appearing on the walls and seed starting supplies are on display now. The pacjanuary-2013kaged seeds will arrive soon.

As of today, (January 10th) there are only 70 days left until spring!

Don’t forget– even though we’re officially closed until Spring, someone is usually around if you need something. Just give us a call before you make the trip. 740-546-4467.

One Week from Tomorrow

We’ll re-open for Fall on September the 4th. The clock is ticking!

Re-opening on September 4th!

It’s almost time for our re-opening! Right after Labor day (September 4th) we’ll be open for business during our regular hours (Monday through Saturday 9 to 5 and Sunday from Noon until 5.) We’ll be closed on Labor Day to allow our staff to have one last cook out before the Fall season begins.

Bob will be bringing in our first shipment of garden mums in time for the opening. Stop in and say “Hello.”